In response to the Afghan Refugee Crisis, Safe Haven is a digital volunteer board application designed for high traffic bus shelters. Scroll to see the final product or view the full case study here.


Together, my team constructed and ran surveys finding that while locals had seen the news about the crisis, they felt uninformed about the subsequent refugee displacement. Our surveys showed that young professionals were open to helping but do not seek out ways to do so.

Attention is the scarcest human resource so I capitalized on that by placing touch-screen kiosks at bus stops where people are already waiting in a manner and location that is convenient to them.

Key Iterations

Knowing that young professionals have endless opportunities competing for their attention, I simplified the amount of information on the kiosk and designed a learn pathway along with the involvement board to (1) generate interest around semantic meaning and (2) call to action.


Feedback from the stakeholder interviews, brainstorming workshops, and user feedback on our designs led set the stage for my design which will be measured by:

- number of users engaging with the educational content
- number of users exploring volunteer opportunities
- changes in willingness and commitment before and after kiosk interaction
- amount and frequency of donations
- continued engagement beyond the initial interaction