Mosaic - Prebidding Feature for Trade Partners

Iterated a tool to facilitate effective communication of changes in housing plans to trade partners, enabling them to make accurate bids accordingly.


At Mosaic, I was responsible for an ambitious challenge - digitizing a process traditionally done over fax by creating a feature to revolutionize housing plan change communication. Despite not being fully implemented, the project pushed our product team beyond our comfort zones, fostering an unmatched rate of learning and leaving a lasting impact on teams and products.

The primary goal was to seamlessly integrated with trade partners' current workflows, eliminating disruptions and unnecessary tools resulting in crystal-clear instructions to trades, ensuring timely resource deliveries and accurate content updates while minimizing wasted time and resources.

Addressing Trade Partner Pain Points

Understanding the challenges faced by trade partners, we crafted the communication tool to prioritize ease of use and simplicity. By minimizing the need for special tools, we ensured that trades could effortlessly incorporate the system into their existing work processes.

Seamless Integration

Our team diligently focused on designing a tool that seamlessly integrated into trade partners' daily routines. The interface was crafted to be intuitive, making it easy for trades to understand what was expected of them without requiring extensive training.

Updating Changes to Bids in Real Time

Tackling the issues of time and cost wastage head-on, the tool allowed trades to act swiftly and accurately. By streamlining communication, we minimized delays caused by misinterpretations and errors, ultimately leading to significant time and cost savings.

Impact and Growth

Though the feature was scrapped before being pushed to engineering, it sparked a chain reaction of growth. By taking initiative to conduct trade partner research for data driven decisions, needfinding resulted in innovative solutions beyond the feature's scope thus positively influencing other products.


The housing plan communication tool project exemplifies the transformative power of embracing challenges and valuing the journey. By fostering empathy and embracing failure, the team made a profound impact on teams and products. This case study is a testament to continuous growth and dedication to UX excellence at Mosaic.